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We pave the way to excellence!
Hotels & Resorts Consulting Int‘l is a multidisciplinary

consulting group specialized in the international hospitality

field. Our highly knowledgeable and resourceful consultants provide solutions that are adapted to your particular needs. With up to 35 years of experience in their respective fields, our team members will skillfully guide you through your business endeavors: Management, finances, growth, planning, development, support, human resources, purchasing and more. Opting for our services means choosing professionals who are attentive and dedicated to your success.

Our goals

  • Make our clients benefit from our expertise and resources
  • Provide our clients with end-to-end assistance
  • Clarify, simplify and innovate

Imagine your business at the top

You intend to bring down those operational costs, maximize your returns, and improve the quality of your services and in doing so, increase customer satisfaction? We can assist you to clarify your goals, simplify operations process, implement a quality control system, become ISO 9001-2000 certified, adjust your working politics and chose a winning strategy.

Imagine reaching your ultimate goals

You have a dream concept or a project in mind, you wish to innovate? We can help you achieve your business vision. After conducting a feasibility study, we will assist you with the strategic planning. We will examine current practices, methods and techniques along with the general policies, applied quality standards and more, respecting the overall vision.

Imagine having end-to-end support

We can help you optimize your business performance. Our specialists will study every factor that is related to pursuing and achieving your goals. They will present you with a choice of customized scenarios and action plans that might even exceed your expectations in terms of development, returns, feasibility, strategies and profitability. Our consulting partners are dedicated to your success.


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